Bar Council of the Turks and Caicos Islands
Bar Council of the Turks and Caicos Islands

Finding an Attorney

If you require the assistance of an attorney, you can find a list of those attorneys in practice who are in good standing with Bar Council below and details of law firms licensed to practice in the Turks and Caicos Islands here.

You can also find details of attorneys on various online international lawyer directories such as and as well as general directories such as

Practice in the Turks and Caicos Islands

List of Attorneys

First Name Last Name Law Firm / Organization Email Address
Monique Allan Saunders & Co
Heather  Allen British Caribbean Bank
Kenisha Bacchus TCI Financial Services Commission
Kerchelle E. Bain Forbes & Co
John  Barker McCollum & Newlands
Berthalee Belle Griffiths & Partners
Willin  Belliard Prudhoe Caribbean  
Ingrid Lee Bennett F Chambers
Jeffrey Blanchard Themis Bishop
Luca Bonetto Griffiths & Partners
Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles QC Attorney General's Chambers
Angela Brooks Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Leanna Brooks-Campbell Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
David  Cadman Griffiths & Partners
Brook Capron Stanbrooks Law
Laurence Caroe Saunders  & Co
Guy  Chapman  Savory & Co.
Oliver  Chapman  Griffiths & Partners
Libby Charlton Attorney General's Chambers
Peter  Cochrane Twa Marcelin Wolf
Neale Coleman Wessex Fairchild
Neil  Coles Miller Simons O'Sullivan
Ari Comert Stanbrooks Law
Adrian  Corr Miller Simons O'Sullivan
Anthony  D'Aniello Christian Papachristou
Robert  d'Arceuil Phillipson D'Arceuil
Paul Dempsey Dempsey & Co.
Enjaleek Dickenson Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Khalila Dorsett Attorney General's Chambers
Desiree Downes Attorney General's Chambers
Beryn  Duncanson Duncanson & Co
Tajuana Rasheida Ewing Misick & Stanbrook
Owen  Foley Misick & Stanbrook
Leonard Franklyn Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Mark  Fulford F Chambers
Shayone Gardiner Attorney General's Chambers
Judith   Garland  Miller Simons O'Sullivan
Gogontle Gatang Attorney General's Chambers
Finbar  Grant Finbar Grant & Associates
Tamika  Grant Finbar Grant & Associates
Clayton  Greene Stanfield Greene
Conrad Griffiths QC Griffiths & Partners
Anthony  Gruchot Griffiths & Partners
Shatelia Hall Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Bianca Harvey Saunders  & Co
Mark  Harvey Miller Simons O'Sullivan
Tremmaine  Harvey-Swann Misick & Stanbrook
Selvyn  Hawkins  Misick & Stanbrook
Jerwina  Howell-Taylor Karam & Missick
Clemar Hippolyte Attorney General's Chambers
Keith James James Law Chambers
Vanica Joseph Attorney General's Chambers
Peter Karam Karam & Missick
Jonathan  Katan QC Miller Simons O'Sullivan
Gordon  Kerr Misick & Stanbrook
Sarah  Knight Misick & Stanbrook
Erica  Krygsman Twa Marcelin Wolf
Antoine  L'Heureux L'Heureux & Co
Motheba Linton Attorney General's Chambers
Andre  Malcolm  Twa Marcelin Wolf
Louise  Malcolm  Miller Simons O'Sullivan
Yvette  Marcelin Twa Marcelin Wolf
Joanna Martinez Griffiths & Partners
Yaa McCartney Attorney General's Chambers
Peter McKnight McKnights
William  McCollum McCollum & Newlands
Greg McNally N Gregory McNally & Associates
Mickia Mills Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Ariel  Misick QC Misick & Stanbrook
Lara Maroof Stanbrooks Law
Akierra  Missick Misick & Stanbrook
George  Missick Karam & Missick
James  Murphy Dempsey & CO.
Andrew  Newlands McCollum & Newlands
Jeremy Northcote Britanic Management Limited
Pamela  Northcote Britanic Management Limited
Craig  Oliver F Chambers
Hugh  O'Neill Hugh G. O'Neill & Co.
Sean  O'Neill Hugh G. O'Neill & Co.
Timothy  O'Sullivan  Miller Simons O'Sullivan
Eugene Otuonye QC Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Priscilla Paquette Attorney General's Chambers
Christian Papachristou Themis Bishop
Dale  Peters Karam & Missick
David Phillips Wessex Fairchild
Timothy  Prudhoe Prudhoe Caribbean
Emma  Riach Savory & Co.
Raynard Rigby Baycourt Chambers
Dominique  Rolle Misick & Stanbrook
John  Rutley Rutley Law Office
Norman  Saunders Saunders  & Co
Jeanne  Savory Savory & Co.
Karen  Savory Savory & Co.
Richard  Savory QC Savory & Co.
Oreika Selver-Gardiner  Invest Turks & Caicos
Carlos  Simons QC Miller Simons O'Sullivan
Kellee-Gai Smith Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Oliver  Smith Skippings Law
Sophie  Stanbrook Stanbrooks Law
Darren  Stark Bishops
David  Stewart  Griffiths & Partners
Chassidy Swann Attorney General's Chambers
Arnelle Taylor Wessex Fairchild
Bruce  Twa Twa Marcelin Wolf
Christopher  Wells GrahamThompson
Latisha Williams Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Karen  Willis Misick & Stanbrook
Melbourne Wilson Alliance Business & Conference Centre
Stephen Wilson QC GrahamThompson
Bernd  Wolf Twa Marcelin Wolf 0
Deborah Woodruffe Misick & Stanbrook

Directory of Law Firms with contact details

Below is a current list (in alphabetical order) and contact details of the law firms in Turks and Caicos Islands who currently hold a business license for the provision of legal services:

Allen & Co.
Benson L. Harvey & Associates
Clarke Harvey & Co.
Clinton O. Clarke
Dempsey & Company
Duncanson & Co.
F Chambers
Finbar A. Grant and Associates
Forbes & Co.

Garland & Co.
Glinton & Co.
Graham Thompson
Griffiths & Partners
Hamilton & Associates
High G. O’Neill & Co.
James Law Chambers
Karam & Misick
KWB Attorneys at Law
L’Heureux & Co.

McCollum & Newlands
McKnights International Law Firm
Miller Simons O’Sullivan
Misick Gardiner
Misick & Stanbrook
Gregory McNally & Associates
Northcote & Co.
Prudhoe Caribbean
Quelch Missick and Associates
Rutley Law Office

Samuel McCleery
Saunders & Co.
Savory & Co
Skippings Law Firm
Stanbrooks Law
Stanfield Greene
Swann & Swann
Twa Marcelin and Wolf
Wessex Fairchild Attorneys
Wilson & Associates