The Bar Council

The work of the

Turks and Caicos Islands Bar Council

Membership of the

Bar Council

The Bar Council consists of five members, including an elected President and a Vice-President. Three of the members of the Council are required to be Turks and Caicos Islanders who has been in legal practice in the Islands for not less than two years. One member of the Council is required to has been in practice in the Islands for not less than seven years and one member is appointed by the Attorney General from among members of the Bar Association who are Crown Officers holding legal appointments in the public service of the Islands.
Meetings of the Bar Council are presided over by the President or the Vice-President or (in their absence) some other member. The quorum of the Council is three members.

The current members of the Bar Council are:

Tremmaine Harvey

Sarah Knight
Vice President

Desiree Downes
AG Appointed Member

Shantae Francis

Kenisha Bacchus

Mark Fulford

Functions of the

Bar Council

  • To maintain the honour and independence of the Bar Association.
  • To promote and encourage proper standards of practice and conduct among members of the Bar Association.
  • To promote and encourage the development and dissemination of legal learning, education and training.
  • To encourage the improvement of the administration of justice and procedure.

The Bar Council is entitled to levy an annual fee on members of the Bar Association for the purposes of covering expenses properly incurred by the Bar Council in discharging its functions.

The Bar Council is responsible for receiving complaints of professional misconduct from any person made in respect of the conduct of an attorney. Please see our page regarding making a complaint.

Past Presidents of the

Bar Council

  • Conrad Griffiths KC
  • Richard Savory KC
  • Clayton Greene
  • Sarah Knight
  • George Missick
  • Bianca Harvey
  • Jonathan Katan KC
  • Hon. Oreika Selver Gardiner
  • Selvyn Hawkins